Welcome Aboard The Nevlin!

The Nevlin is the name of our boat.
Here are her specs;
* The Nevlin is 33 ft long with an aluminium hull.
* She is powered by a Volvo Penta 230 HP Super/turbo charged Engine
* She can hold 1000 litres of fuel.
* Her Top speed is 20 knots and can cruise at 15 Knots.

Well Fed
One of the most important things needed on any boat is the BBQ. When you are out on the water for hours on end you need be sure you can have a good meal and a hot drink.

Depending upon how long and what time we cruise off, all charters include either cooked breakfast or cooked lunch.



Its the small things.
At Reel Obsession we understand that its the small things that can make a fishing trip even better. We believe we have covered the small things with such additions to the Nevlin as;

* Preparations tables on all rails.
* Ample storage space
* Plenty of comfortable seating.
* Large central preparation and gutting table.
* Ample rod retainers on all rails and above deck.
* Fresh water wash taps.
* and the most important – A Toilet!



Remember the spot?
Ever been fishing and can’t quite remember the good spot you went to last time? Well not a problem with Reel Obsession. We use state of the art navigation equipment that not only uses GPS mapping but we can also mark your good spots on our weigh point list so next time you come along with us we can simply call up the last spots you went to and go back.

Easy and enjoyable fishing!


Safety First

At Reel Obsession we put our passanger’s safety at the top of the list with life vests, EPIRB, 12 man life boat and 2 two way radios.

Featured Package

1/2 Day Package 5hrs


In this package we will take you to some of the best fishing spots in Western Port bay. With an early start of 6am or a Lunch time start of 12pm. (Min 8 people, Max 10 People) Children under 16 $80-00